What’s Trending with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in 2021?

What’s Trending with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in 2021?

What if your workforce could receive calls on any device, in any location? Would that revolutionize the way you do business?

Most organizations have traditionally utilized a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system, which typically requires on-premise equipment – along with the associated costs and mobility constraints. With modern UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions, unified cloud communications are now a viable and increasingly popular alternative, saving many organizations substantial time and money while simultaneously increasing mobility.

For example, Statistica reports that the number of MS Teams users worldwide has nearly doubled between April 2020 and April 2021 to 145 million. Microsoft Teams is a workforce collaboration solution that consolidates all of the communications tools a modern team needs: a one-stop-shop for calls, messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing. This unified solution saves resources and maximizes productivity. And with Direct Routing, MS Teams now offers more value than ever.

MS Teams Direct Routing is an efficient solution for unifying your business communications:

  • Calls can be placed from any device and location
  • Only a single carrier is necessary to support all locations and services
  • There is no need to maintain on-premise equipment
  • Training and support are simplified with one consolidated solution

Benefits of Direct Routing

Direct Routing provides a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) connection to Microsoft Teams users, enabling them to place and receive calls on any device. With Direct Routing, businesses aren’t restricted to using Microsoft’s calling plans, which may not provide the ideal cost or coverage.

An alternate third-party provider’s cloud infrastructure can be used to route external calls through Teams if desired. This option provides greater flexibility, as other providers may offer a solution with broader coverage, better support, or lower rates.

Here’s a quick look at what’s trending in 2021 with MS Teams Direct Routing:

Trend #1: Remote Work Facilitation

2021 continues to see an expansion of the location-independent workforce. Many employees who began remote work from home during the pandemic in 2020 have not returned to the office – and some never will. Others require the ability to work in the field from mobile devices in varying locations. Hot desking – a flexible work model wherein multiple users share an on-premise workstation at different times – has also gained popularity.

Organizations are adapting to an increasingly mobile workforce by implementing a more agile communication strategy. UCaaS solutions like MS Teams with Direct Routing play a key role in facilitating location independence by enabling users to communicate easily anywhere, anytime.

Trend #2: Session Border Controllers

Microsoft has recently expanded its list of certified SBC (Session Border Controller) vendors for Direct Routing. SBCs are deployed at network borders to manage and protect IP communications and are typically essential for organizations that rely on heavy media streaming or VoIP.

SBC vendors are also starting to partner with Microsoft to provide an ‘SBCs as a SaaS’ solution that streamlines migration pathways between the Teams’ collaboration and calling components. SBA (Survivable Branch Appliance) is also now available, enabling PSTN calling even in the event of an outage. Further innovations are likely coming in the SBC space in the months ahead.

Trend #3: Expanded Client Features

2021 has also seen an expansion of the services available within the MS Teams client interface. For example, Microsoft recently announced Operator Connect, a feature within the Teams Operator Console that enables operator configuration of Direct Routing services to choose multiple providers.

UCaaS Provider Direct Routing is also now available through third-party providers, enabling users to access UCaaS calling features from within the MS Teams client. Connection and collaboration have never been easier.

Are You Ready for the Future?

Lancaster Communications can help you determine if Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing is right for your organization. Our experienced team can assess your business needs, provide all the support you need for a seamless transition, and ensure you receive maximum value for the best price. Contact us today to learn more.

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