Cloud Security: Ensuring Your Data is Safe in the Cloud
Cloud Security: Ensuring Your Data is Safe in the Cloud

What would happen if your company’s sensitive data were stolen? This scary question has kept more than a few IT professionals up at night – and for a good reason. For example, HIPAA Journal reported in 2020 that 70% of organizations hosting data in the cloud experienced a security breach during the prior year. So cloud data breaches are not only a genuine threat but a reality which has already impacted a majority of businesses.

Fortunately, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of becoming the next breach victim with the right cloud security solution. Cloud data protection encompasses the strategy, tools, and procedures necessary to keep an organization’s data secure in the cloud hosting environment and during all data transfers.

Assessing your security needs

As the quantity and complexity of the average company’s data increases, along with the number and type of different storage locations, data security has become increasingly complex. From your SD-WAN system to your Internet browsers, your applications, databases, and transfer protocols all need to be protected to keep your data safe. Here are some essential questions to ask when assessing your data security needs:

  1. Data Type: Which types of data does your organization use in its business operations?
  2. Sensitivity: How sensitive is each kind of data, and what level of protection is needed?
  3. Location: Where is your data currently stored? How many cloud providers are used?
  4. Personnel Access: Who can access your data? Is access customized for each user?
  5. Access Methods: How is your data being accessed? Which apps are interconnected?
  6. Risk Level: How exposed is your data right now? Where are the most significant vulnerabilities?

Top cloud security threats

Numerous points of weakness can exist in modern cloud computing environments, leaving data susceptible to compromise. From human error to exposed interfaces to malicious cyberattacks, your organization’s data must be protected from a wide array of security threats. Here are a few of the most common and dangerous threats to your data:

    1. Malware Attacks: Cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated software designed to steal your data – viruses, ransomware, worms, trojans, and more.
    2. Accidental Exposure: Human error can result in data exposure via unauthorized data sharing, misconfigured security settings, unsecured API usage, and more.
    3. Account Hacking: Simple authentication procedures, weak or reused passwords, and phishing scams can leave accounts vulnerable to being hacked.

Conducting a security review

A security lifecycle review can be conducted to analyze your organization’s application usage, web browsing, and file transfers to detect potential threats and pinpoint the areas of highest vulnerability. In addition, you’ll gain valuable insights about your network traffic and bandwidth utilization, which can be benchmarked against industry averages, leveraged to reduce operating costs, and used to develop a security strategy well-aligned with your business objectives.

Get the best security for your data

A comprehensive cloud security solution can thoroughly and efficiently protect your data while providing a single monitoring and reporting interface for maximum visibility and ease of use. Implementing such a solution will protect your data from all internal and external threats across the full spectrum of your cloud ecosystem.

Lancaster Communications cares about protecting your data. One security solution we’ve been particularly impressed with is the Cloud Secure platform offered by our partner Consolidated Communications. Cloud Secure features include anti-malware to analyze traffic and block viruses and spyware, URL filtering to enable custom site restrictions that match your usage policies, and an SSL-VPN client to facilitate secure access from mobile devices. 

Lancaster’s cloud security experts can work with you to conduct a comprehensive security lifecycle review of your cloud data ecosystem and determine if a solution like Cloud Secure is right for you. Contact us today to find out more

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