Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Your Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Your Contact Center

While we’re not yet living in a sci-fi world with humanoid robots cleaning our houses, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Powerful AI functionality is now possible for a broad range of business applications. Cloud computing and machine learning technologies have become widely available, while remote work has exploded in popularity, driving increasing AI adoption rates in contact centers.

According to Cisco’s 2020 Global Contact Center Survey, over 80% of contact center decision-makers consider AI an essential function of the modern contact center. Contact centers are increasingly acknowledged as not only stewards of good customer service but architects of a great customer experience. Antiquated technologies that leave customers floundering around in lengthy options menus or on hold for twenty minutes listening to instrumental music are no longer cutting it. Just one such lousy experience can lose a valuable customer for life.

What AI can do for your contact center?

  • Better data analytics
  • Predictions and recommendations
  • Smarter call routing
  • Process automation

What AI can do for your contact center?

Better data analytics Artificial Intelligence can analyze giant data sets, providing valuable insights that would likely go unrealized using less sophisticated methods. AI can identify complex issues both across and within various communications channels. It can evaluate the effectiveness of both voice and text communications and even identify sentiment.

Collected data can be categorized and interpreted in a meaningful way, identifying opportunities for improvement and increasing personalization of the customer experience. Real-time monitoring enables timely corrections so that outliers and non-compliant actions can be quickly detected and addressed. Better data analysis also provides a competitive advantage over less technologically advanced competitors.

Predictions and recommendations The deep analysis possible with AI can reveal hidden patterns and trends in contact center data, generating accurate future outcomes predictions. Customer needs can be assessed more quickly, and recommendations can be provided for each unique situation’s best response. The evaluation of outcomes data also makes it easy to identify best practices and maximize training effectiveness.

AI can even predict what information an agent will need to provide to a customer and pull it for them in real-time. Customer risk alerts can be set up, proactively prompting interventions and reducing churn. Future purchase forecasts can be generated, and opportunities for upsells and cross-sells identified.

Smarter call routing Interactive voice response (IVR) systems tend to frustrate customers. Thanks to natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, AI can circumvent predefined options lists by understanding voice statements and expertly routing calls to the best agent or auto-responder.

With predictive behavioral routing, AI systems can even categorize and route customers based on personality type factors. As an agent is connected with a customer, all pertinent customer information can be located and promptly delivered to assist.

Process automation Advanced workflow automation is also possible with AI. Applications can be set up to retrieve documents, open forms, or send email notifications. Process automation saves time, reduces operating costs, and increases efficiency.

At a more advanced level, AI-powered chatbots and virtual agents can be deployed to handle common inquiries. Such automation frees up human agents to resolve the most complex issues, provide a better customer experience, and increase time spent on business-critical and value-generating initiatives.

Are you ready to upgrade your customer experience?

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